At Provectus Developments sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and is one of our core values.

As part of our commitment to environmental issues, Provectus Developments is a responsible developer, ensuring sustainability from land acquisition, through design and construction, to sales and the provision of services for our purchasers. We are proud to regenerate and restore many brownfield sites that have fallen into disuse, which in turn helps to improve the local area and the environment.

While the carbon footprint of built housing has reduced in the past thirty years, increased building work must continue to comply with a better green standard. It’s integral that the demand for homes should not be to the detriment of our environment, and this is the pinnacle that our industry should uphold, to secure a greener future.

Every process has been cleverly thought out to make sure we are being as environmentally friendly as possible. At Provectus Developments Ltd, environmental awareness is essential to what we do as property professionals and environmental issues can impact businesses of any size or type. As such, all parties involved with developing and acquiring sites must participate in strategic environmental and sustainable thinking to maximise successful development and investment outcomes.

More than ever, there is an emphasis on the build environment, which goes beyond simply thinking about bricks and mortar. It’s about creating safe, clean, interesting spaces that people want to work, live and travel within, and that they enjoy.

Our team takes care to reduce carbon emissions, by producing energy-efficient developments; throughout the build, green travel measures are put in place together with reusable energy generation facilities and all sites are assessed for their ecological value so that biodiversity can be protected or enhanced through our redevelopment.

The reduction in waste and the recycling of materials is actively managed during the course of construction. Provectus Developments believes that optimising sustainability potential in new developments provides long term benefits for the customer, the local community and the environment.


Our On-site Service Delivery:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by using eco-friendly materials wherever possible.
  • External solar lighting where possible.
  • All new developments and major refurbishments to achieve a green building certification.
  • All new developments will have a built-in electric car charging port to promote sustainable travel.
  • All developments will have substantial green space, footpaths, and cycleways to encourage public exercise.
  • All materials are sourced as locally as possible to reduce the carbon footprint.
  • Use permeable materials.
  • Aim to use photo-voltaic panels where possible, this will help preserve and protect the planets natural resources. This will also reduce or even cut out electricity bills.
  • Adapt all our designs to utilise natural sunlight where possible.
  • Select appliances that are AA+ environmentally friendly.
  • Use air source heat pumps where possible.
  • Minimising waste & recycle where viable.
  • We will use modular battery systems on all our developments to help power/charge any on site equipment.
  • Use local or native plant life for landscaping.
  • Ensure our projects reach a biodiversity rating of 25%


Internal Operations Strategy:

  • To be climate-resilient and establish adaptation and mitigation plans by 2022
  • Proactive early consultation with planning authorities to ensure we understand and support delivery of the local environment.
  • Ensure compliance with environmental legislation in the design & maintenance process.
  • Reduce paper usage where possible.
  • Promote walking/cycling to the workplace.


If you are interested in working on an environmentally friendly project with us then get in touch!